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The Hilltop Where

September 30 - October 2

Our Homecoming theme this year is "The Hilltop Where."   How would you end the following statement?

The Hilltop Where . . .

. . . I made friends that have lasted a lifetime.
. . . I was prepared for success.
. . . I found direction and purpose in life.

The Hilltop Where . . . we hope you will be in the fall for Homecoming!  The Homecoming schedule is shaping up nicely with the standards and some new activities (see the Homecoming Schedule link to the right).  Along with the Honor Classes (see the Honor Classes link to the right) we plan to celebrate with members of Paloma, Stewart Manor, and Edwards houses as they reach milestones.  We will also be honoring the 2006 Championship SIFE and Men's Soccer teams.  Make your plans now to come back to your alma mater!  Start by making lodging arrangements using the Area Lodging link to the right.

Coming back to "the Hill" will do wonders for your life just as attending Graceland back in the day helped propel you on to great things.  You will find a return to Graceland both nostalgic and eye opening especially if it's been a few years since you've walked the sacred walkways of campus.  You won't believe what we've done with the place!

Nobody does Homecoming quite like Graceland!

Paul J. Davis '77
Alumni Programs Director

P.S.  You may recognize the theme as the title of a book written by Professor Paul Edwards over 40 years ago detailing the early history of Graceland.  It is also the title of a Graceland hymn written by the legendary Roy "Doc" Cheville 55 years ago.