My friend's question came at interesting time. First, the semester finally concluded and all my final projects were submitted. Thank goodness. Second, I didn't have my phone when I got the text. It wasn't lost. My battery couldn't hold its charge. I decided to take my phone to Apple Store and replace my battery. Had I thought to make an appointment ahead of time, my trip could have been just a couple hours...yeah, right.

Instead, I dropped my phone off and had to go phone-less for 5-6 hours. No phone calls. No text messages. No emails. No Facebook. No news updates. No clock. No ESPN. Nothing rattled in my pocket except for keys and my consecrated oil. 

You ever get this mini freak outs where you don't know where your phone is and you frantically pat-down every inch? Yeah, that happened. TWICE. But after a few hours, I began to relax. I wasn't trying to check my phone (which I've realized comes habitually now). It was great! I felt free. I could breathe again. 

As you've probably guessed, I had to come back to reality. But the phone wasn't the only thing to return with new energy. My friend's text, undoubtedly, was about the freedom from school; however, he helped me realize so much more. My phone became an asphyxiant and restricted me from being fully present.

I invite you to think about the things in your life that restrict your "breath". What keeps you from being fully present to others? yourself? God? Maybe your batteries need to be recharged and (like me) you don't even know it.