"If you reflect upon it, you will discover many services the church has performed for you and your community that have made life better for you and your family."

- Leonard J. Lea quoted in The Journey of a People: The Era of Reorganization, 1844 to 1946 pg. 530

Leonard J. Lea's quote comes from a 1933 publication of the Saint's Herald. This was a dynamic time in our sacred story where the church faced a historic economic depression and [overwhelming?] debt. Yet, there was a subtle spirit of hope for the future as the church worked to establish Zion. The global church family responded generously and President Fredrick M. Smith announced the retired debt 10 years later in January 1943.

As I reflect on this era, I can't help but wonder, does history repeat itself? I would venture to guess a majority would say yes! Again, we're bouncing back from a historic 2008 economic recession and (again) Community of Christ finds itself working to resolve a [overwhelming?] debt. True. I can't argue with that.

But, I must ask will history repeat itself?

A few years ago, Emma and I found ourselves talking about why we give both locally and to World Church. I learned her generosity doesn't emerge out of the present financial need, instead it grows from what she's already received. It becomes one of her ways to give back to the church. Per usual, I needed to catch up to folks like Emma and Leonard J. Lea!

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday. In addition to tomorrow's generosity, I invite you to consider what you've already received. Maybe it was a Deer Park Reunion? First Jr. Camp? Dedication to The Temple? Trip to Africa? Spiritual Formation Retreat last October? How has your life been impacted by the church? Your community? 

We have been given so much and now is the time to share what we've received. I pray we learn from historic mistakes, but also find the capacity to respond similarly as a global family. We are doing so much now, and there's even more to anticipate. 

Just a thought about mission.