It was truly a SPECTACULAR week at Graceland University. The North Atlantic States Youth (Chesapeake Bay, Mid-Atlantic & New England Mission Centers) sent youth to Lamoni, IA to meet over 1,000 Sr. High Community of Christ members and friends for a week full of worship, performing arts, music, dance, sports, devotions, and ice cream. The theme “Connect” summarized the week together. 

SPECTACULAR is an opportunity to spend time with friends from Deer Park, but it’s an even greater opportunity to reach out and connect with campers from other regions in North America. We sang campfire songs differently, worshipped differently, and understood God differently, but the ministry of SPECTACULAR brought together our community in meaningful ways. 

Special guests included:

  • Prophet-President Steve Veazey 
  • President Stassi Cramm
  • Apostle Barb Carter
  • Apostle Art Smith
  • Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber
  • Afghan Rapper & Activist Sonita Alizadeh
  • New York Photographer Steve Hartman
  • Christian Rapper Agape Dave

The North Atlantic States were blessed to have a wonderful, dedicated staff who voluntarily attended SPECTACULAR. Thank you everyone who gave their time and finances to make this unique experience possible for our youth. I look forward to the preparation and planning for an even better trip next year.