Dear friends,

What an outstanding summer in the Mid-Atlantic Mission Center! Whether your time was filled with family vacations, trips to the beach, time at Deer Park, or maybe enjoying a warm evening walk, I pray you found time with God over the last couple months. It’s too easy to focus on the busyness of packing for vacation and getting through security lines instead of appreciating the time together with friends and family, or recognizing the opportunities to reconnect with those in your car, rather than worrying about traffic slowing you down. Spending time with God can be difficult, but if we allow ourselves to be open to the depth of God’s presence, we begin to understand the power of transformative witness. 

We are called not only be in the presence of God, but we are to share those testimonies AND invite people to experience relationship with Christ. I recognize God is not always the first thought when you think about summer vacation, but by some miracle (whether we realize it or not) God is woven into all of creation.

In her book In God’s Presence, Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki describes the dynamic relationship between God and the world:

As a dance, whereby in every moment of existence God touches the world with guidance toward its communal good in that time and place, and that just as the world receives energy from God it also returns its own energy to God. God gives to the world and receives from the world; the world receives from God and gives to God, ever in interdependent exchange.”

As we bring the summer vacation to a close, we are challenged not simply to continue the “dance” with God, but to invite others to the dance floor by sharing our testimonies! Over the next few months, I encourage you to boldly share your summer stories of community and transformative witness. Not just in the confines of church or morning worships, but share at school, work, the grocery store, and with your families. Inviting God into these sacred spaces is a wonderful ministry and I look forward to hearing your stories of transformative witness.

Ryan Pitt
Mid-Atlantic Mission Center President