Reunion is right around the corner and will be here soon! This year's theme is "Breathe New Life". Lessons will focus on how the purposes of the Temple, drawn from D&C 156:5, invite the church to journey anew with what it means to embody the purposes of the Temple. God breathes new life into the church and the world as disciples receive, embody, and share these purposes.

Oh...and we're going to have a ton of fun under the Deer Park sun!! We have been working hard to prepare an eventful week. Tailgating, our 3rd Annual Lawn Game Tournament, Blood Drive, Good Morning Deer Park! with Jim Shaffer, Tea and Biscuits with Presiding Bishop Stassi Cramm, Deer Park's Got Talent!, night swims, and so much more!! But in the meantime, we need to know who is coming, even if it's only for one day.

Please register by following the link below. All those registered before June 18th will receive the official 'Welcome Packet' with all the information needed leading up to the 2018 Deer Park Reunion!!

Click Here to Register!

We hope to see you there!!!

Theme: Breathe New Life

Scripture: Doctrine & Covenants 156:5

Daily Themes:

    Breathe Peace

    Live Witness

    Embody Wholeness

    Embrace Formation

    Experience Restoration