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  • 6290 Lower Mountain Road
  • New Hope, PA, 18938
  • United States

Join us for our 2017 Mid-Atlantic Mission Center Family Reunion!

Guest ministry will be provided by Tony & Charmaine Chvala-Smith.

Hello friends I am very excited for Reunion only 8 more days.  We have some very fun and exciting things planned...

Areas we are still needing help with :

  1. 4th of July : if you are interested in planning activities for the Fourth of July ( recreational) please let me know.  At this point I do not have anyone doing this so, and I am okay with just having the pool, canteen and maybe a softball game.  If you feel called to do this then please contact me. 

     2.  Evening Nursery Workers - if you are youth worker certified we are looking for evening                 help.  Also if you are willing on Thursday night to watch a movie with the younger youth.             Please contact Megan Sotsky at 410-688-4685
     3. TEACHERS - we are still looking for an assistant for the Jr and Jr High classes, if you are            interested and are youth worker certified please contact Megan Sotsky

     4. Camp Photographer - we are looking for someone to take pictures throughout the week.                The photos will be used to help create Good Morning Deer Park!'s slideshow.
Fun things to look forward to:

     THEME NIGHT :  is a HOE DOWN - so bring your cowboy and cowgirl outfits for Sunday night and be ready for some fun!
     GIFT BASKETS : we made over $800 last year, please be working on your theme baskets for our raffle
     SILENT AUCTION : proceeds will help with the women's bathroom renovations.  Please contact Delo Poore for more info
     SPECIAL CLASSES - our guest ministers, Tony and Charmaine Chvala -Smith will be doing afternoon lessons on scripture
     BLOOD DRIVE - this is a great way to give back to the community, Thank you again Pat for organizing this event
      KP TEAMS - after last year's INCREDIBLE success with our KP Teams, we are going to do it again! It's a great way to meet new people, support the reunion, and have a great time.
We have more pre-registered than last year and we want you to have your first choice of housing needs.  Thank you Ryan and Emma for the online registration process making registration easier than ever.  REGISTER! For safety reasons, everyone who is registered will be given a wrist band so we are able to monitor how many people are on the grounds throughout the week.


Registration will begin at 2:00 in the Chapel. The pool and the canteen will open at 2:00 as well.

We will have a staff meeting at 4:30 on Saturday in Ed Building. If you are a staff member for the reunion, please plan on attending this crucial session.

The $50 registration fee does not cover the full expense for reunion per person. The actual cost is $350. Since we do not want the reunion fee to prevent folks from coming, the reunion will meet its expenses through offerings and fundraisers. Whether it's a $5 or $1,000 gift, your generosity is appreciated.

If you have any questions about the camp or schedule please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Grace and Peace
Kara Vojcsik ( 816 223 9702) karav21@hotmail.com

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